Work Breakdown

ORCHESTRA is based on five technical Work packages addressing the project's objectives:

  • WP2 - Software Defined Monitoring and Dynamic Network Architecture
  • WP3 - Development of Flexible Optical Transceiver and Software-Defined Optical Performance Monitoring Algorithm Suite
  • WP4 - Cross Layer Algorithms: Multiple-Rx Correlation and Optimization
  • WP5 - Control and Monitoring Plane and OAM Handler
  • WP6 - Testbed and Demo

Beside the technical activities, WP1 is in charge of project management and WP7 is focused on the project impact (dissemination, exploitation and marketing plan and standardization).

orchestra work packages

WP2 collects requirements and specification for the multi-impairment monitoring at the transceivers, the network optimization, and the control and monitoring (C&M) plane, which are all fed to the corresponding WPs (WP3, WP4, WP5).

Cross-layer monitoring and optimization algorithms developed in WP4, utilize the monitoring information collected from WP3.

The design and the implementation of the C&M plane in WP5 is affected by the characteristics of the cross-layer monitoring and optimization mechanisms of WP4.

WP6 puts all the pieces together and builds a testbed and a field demo for evaluation.

The results of WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6 are disseminated and exploited in WP7.