ORCHESTRA partners participated in ECOC 2016, September 18-22, 2016, Düsseldorf.

Three ORCHESTRA presentations:

  • "Spectrum sharing for elastic transmission parameter adaptation", N. Sambo, K. Christodoulopoulos, P. Castoldi, E. Varvarigos
  • "How deploying elastic and fixed 100 Gb/s transponders can further optimize cost per Gb/s during ageing of WDM networks", T. Zami, J. Pesic and P. Ramantanis
  • "Service-triggered failure identification/localization through monitoring of multiple parameters", M. Ruiz, F. Fresi, A. Vela, G. Meloni, N. Sambo, F. Cugini, L. Potì, L. Velasco, P. Castoldi

For details check related publications.